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About Our Company

Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass was founded by Allan Zabo in February of 2000.  In the years since its creation the company has labored on two different continents bringing new levels of excellence to various refits as well as several new builds. We offer great customer service and expert specialists for your job. We are confident that we can help with your impact shutter and glass needs.

We’ve been serving all of the South communities for 15 years and have quickly risen to become South Florida most experienced impact shutter contractor. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your convenience.

Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass is a company dedicated to the highest standards of commercial and safety. Understanding the needs of your home and the potential danger posed by serious storms is important, and keeping your home protected even more-so. We have been in operation since 1976, and have developed significant experience during our years of professional service.

We can provide the very best in impact resistant windows and doors, offering ideal protection for both your residential and commercial needs. Hurricane season is a dangerous time for property owners, and if you do not have the proper basic protection, you could be facing serious repair costs. All of our impact resistant windows exceed the standards set by window codes and guarantee that you will receive durable, long-lasting protection.

We also specialize in providing hi-velocity accordion shutters and panels to our clients. These are another great way to keep yourself safe in case of a storm, and to eliminate the fuss of having to struggle with setting up plywood barriers each time a hurricane develops. These shutters allow for instant protection and can be deployed both quickly and easily by anyone.

Our Services Include:

  • Hi-Velocity Panels
  • Hi-Velocity Accordion Shutters
  • Impact Resistant Windows & Doors
  • Commercial Storefronts
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Window Glass
  • Miami Dade Product Approved Equipment

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Customer Reviews

Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass is rated 5 /5 based on these 3 happy customer reviews

The installation went smoothly

I replaced my windows and doors with impact resistant. The installation went smoothly. Very professional installers! They left the area clean with no mess.




Overall Rating: 5/5

Mike B. | South Miami, FL


Shutters look very nice

BGM installed accordion shutters on my home in Pembroke Pines. The shutters look very nice around my pool patio. I would recommend them to my friends and family.




Overall Rating: 5/5

Estrella R. | South Miami, FL


Great Job!

We had accordion shutters installed on our home in South Miami. BGM did the installation on the date as promised. They did a great job!




Overall Rating: 5/5

Brett S. | South Miami, FL


If you require the service of the best impact shutter and glass company around, give us a call today at 305-396-3111 or complete our online request form.

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