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Hurricane Shutters & Panels Advantages

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There are a number of hurricane protection options available to Florida home owners, and choosing any of them will provide a much better alternative to more traditional plywood boarding methods. However, each type of shutter comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and keeping these in mind may help you choose the fit that is right for your home and your individual needs.

Accordion Shutters

Hurricane Shutters photoThese permanently affixed shutters are placed on the outside of your home near door and window openings. These shutters can be easily put into place and can cover large areas like sliding glass doors, or an entire balcony. With the ability to be put into place by a single person they are an excellent option for the elderly or others that might otherwise have difficulty placing their hurricane protection. However, accordion shutters will require upkeep and maintenance to ensure that they last and work properly, and once added to a home they can unfortunately stand out in appearance, as the units are very bulky.

All Florida windows are required to be able to withstand hurricane force winds, but not all of them are able to endure impact from wind-borne debris.

Hurricane Panels

These are one of the most affordable options for hurricane protection and can be found in metal, aluminum, polycarbonate, or even nylon. Panels can be fit for an individual window or set to cover multiple ones, but can be difficult to set up if you are attempting to do so yourself. They are nowhere near as quick to put in place as accordion shutters. However, hurricane panels are quite possibly one of the best forms of protection that a home can get against hurricanes. They do not suffer from maintenance issues either, making them a great option for any homeowner that has the ability to set them up once needed.

Impact Windows

These windows are one of the more expensive options available. All Florida windows are required to be able to withstand hurricane force winds, but not all of them are able to endure impact from wind-borne debris. These windows provide a great alternative to other options as you do not have to worry about installing shutters or setting up panels when a storm is passing through. They do not suffer from the maintenance issue that accompany shutters, and are the best option if you have difficulty setting up panels or if you are often away and may not be available to repaper when a hurricane arrives.

All of these options are viable protection methods for your Florida home, and are available at a variety of price ranges. This means that you should be able to find a protection option that will both keep your home safe and fit within the confines of your budget. With the right protection you won’t ever have to worry about hurricane season ever again!

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