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Impact Resistant Windows and Doors in MiamiImpact resistant windows and doors are a fantastic investment for any homeowner and provide an alternative to storm panels and hurricane shutters that will offer year-round protection. While shutters and panels are more affordable than installing hi-velocity impact windows, the convenience and resilience that these high-quality fixtures can offer is without equal. Similar to these windows, hurricane doors offer unequaled resistance to the most sever of weather conditions, and are an excellent investment when it comes to preserving the safety of your home if faced with devastating winds.

Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass offers only the best options in both impact windows and doors, all of which have been Miami-Dade tested and approved to be able to withstand hurricane force winds. Our Lawson brand Hurricane Guard windows have a legacy of quality 50 years in the making, and are acclaimed as one of the most reliable fixtures on the market when it comes to withstanding the most severe weather conditions. These hurricane doors and windows have undergone significant testing and are one of the most durable options available on the market today.


The Benefit of Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Turning to the professional team at Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass means getting the service of industry professionals who have been working in providing Miami with the best hurricane home and business protection options for over 10 years. We know what it takes to keep a home safe from the toughest storms, and our products are second to none when it comes to withstanding dangerous winds. Installing our hurricane impact resistant windows and doors in your Miami home is accompanied by a variety of advantages that make this Florida home upgrade an obvious choice.

  • Insurance Discounts: Impact windows and doors can actually lower your insurance premium, as they are recognized as an effective means of hurricane protection.
  • Miami-Dade County Approved: Our vinyl and aluminium frames have been tested and approved to withstand the toughest aspects of Florida weather.
  • Year Round Protection: Your windows and doors will always be safe from severe storms, giving you the ability to relax and take care of other preparations the next time weather turns for the worst.
  • Energy Efficiency: All of our hurricane windows are energy-efficient and provide superior insulation when compared to many alternatives, helping lower your energy costs.

If you require new impact resistant windows & doors, give us a call today at 305-396-3111 or complete our online request form.

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