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At Big Green Men Impact Shutters & Glass we can supply our customers with a variety of quality Window glass types, catered to their individual needs, all without sacrificing build quality. We are the premiere suppliers of glass installation services in Miami, and have offered the best in attractive window options to home owners for the past 10 years. We can provide your home or business windows with exactly the types of glass that you require.

Tinted Glass

Window Glass - Tinted Windows in MiamiMaintain your privacy by choosing to go with tinted glass. Not only can you reduce outside visibility into your home, but tinted glass will help to protect your interior furnishings as well. Sunlight will often fade rugs, carpets, and furniture, but tinted glass will significantly reduce the UV-damage caused by this. Our windows will block 99% of ultraviolet rays.



Low-E Glass

Window Glass - Low E Glass in MiamiLow thermal emissivity glass works by absorbing and reflecting energy that would otherwise seep into your home. This glass option protects the interior of your home from harmful UV rays much in a similar manner as Tinted glass, but it has the added benefit of better controlling radiant heat. Low-e glass will help you keep the interior of your home cooler by reflecting this energy, cutting back on your utility expenses!



Insulated Glass

Window Glass - Insulated Windows in MiamiIf you have been noticing condensation on the inside of your windows, then this is a sign that they are not properly insulated. Insulated glass helps maintain a more constant temperature indoors by keeping out both heat and cold, to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment. Insulated glass is double or triple paned to offer the most effective insulation possible, and have the added benefit of providing superior noise reduction.



If you require glass repair or replacement, give us a call at 305-396-3111 and find the glass type that is right for your needs.

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